Fields & Flour 


Why Baking and Nature Therapy?

I have a keen inte​rest in two specialized modalities:  

Therapeutic Baking (Culinary Art Therapy)

and Nature Therapy (Ecopsychology). 

 I believe these two practices are uniquely effective in building an approachable, therapeutic alliance between myself and my clients. Baking and forest walks are engaging, fun, and provide an opportunity to easily translate skills learned and explored within therapy, to life outside of therapy.

I believe that building in practical coping skills into therapy sessions will help to support real life and everyday challenges. This way, you will have already practiced skills that you can use on your own, in a way that is accessible (your own kitchen and backyard!). This helps create a pathway for future success after therapy is over. After all, the goal of therapy is to move beyond requiring external support and build future strategies for reaching your own goals, and improved relationships with yourself and others.       - Courtney

What is Therapeutic Baking?

Therapeutic Baking is a combination of Expressive Art Therapy and Mindfulness Based Art Therapy. It uses baking activities in session to express feelings, explore and build creativity, and illustrate & practice mindfulness habits. It also offers an opportunity to engage in cognitive reflection and restructuring. This modality of therapy helps empower clients to begin to use mindfulness in real time during sessions with a therapist, by engaging all senses (smell, sight, touch, taste, sound).

Therapeutic Baking is best used to address issues like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and self-efficacy, loss and grief, and adjustment around significant life changes/challenges.

By using the evidence-based intervention of Expressive Art Therapy, and MBAT (Mindfulness Based Art Therapy), in a way that is motivated by a client's interest in baking and creating- this mode of practice is an engaging way to dive into counselling services in both an approachable and accessible way.

What is Nature Therapy?

Nature therapy is an element of Ecopsychology practice which focuses on emerging yourself in nature, in order to both actively lower stress levels, as well as speed the rate of healing of both physical illnesses, and emotional illnesses.

Studies show that "being in nature reduces feelings of isolation, promotes calm, and lifts mood" (Pieters, H., Ayala, L., Schneider, A., Wicks, N., Levine-Dickman, A., Clinton, S. Gardening on a psychiatric inpatient unit: Cultivating recovery. Archives of Pediatric Nursing. October 5, 2018).

"Ecotherapy is more than just a psychotherapy session in a beautiful natural setting. It is a way of connecting to your own true nature, and reclaiming your inner wisdom and resources. It helps restore your inner balance and empowers you [to] deal effectively with specific issues in your life. The nature-based tools you learn become practices to use in everyday life to de-stress, re-connect with your strengths, and have the clarity to make healthy choices" (The Earthbody Institute, 2018). 



Of course! I fully believe in the power of a good therapeutic relationship and talk therapy techniques grounded in evidence based practice. 

I provide both virtual and in-person sessions using these modalities, and ultimately my prime concern is good fit, as well as tailoring counselling sessions to meet your goals. 

I welcome clients of all ages and have extensive experience working with children, teens, women and families in particular.  I use a person-focused, eclectic approach in traditional therapy using a range of modalities including:

- Emotion Focused Family Therapy and EF Coaching

- Expressive Arts Therapy

- Motivational Interviewing

- Narrative Therapy

- Play Therapy

- Ecopsychology and Horticultural/ Nature Therapy

- Strengths Based Integrative Approach

- Level 2 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy